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The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun


The single-slug Chaperone Exotic weapom is easily one of the best shotguns you can find. This unique shotgun has the maximum available Range 100! It's a lot more than else shotguns could handle. Order this service now and deliver PvP one-shots within ultimate range!


Hello, Guardian. Here you can buy The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun carry!

The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun Carry Contains:

– Tex Mechanica Tournament Questline Step 1 completion
The price shown is for the first Crucible Shotgun Kills Quest Step. Please, select additional steps that needs to be done.
– Crucible rewards and Tokens for completing matches during Crucible Quest steps.
– Gambit rewards and Tokens for completing matches during Gambit Quest step.
The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun if 3/3 steps completed.

Weapon Perks:

– Precision Slug: Fires a single-slug precision round.
– Hammer-Forged Rifling: Durable ranged barrel. • Increases range
– Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances. • Increases range
– The Roadborn: Precision kills briefly grant bonus handling, range, and precision damage with this weapon
– Hand-Laid Stock: This weapon is optimized for recoil control. • Increases stability
-Tracker Displays:
Kill Tracker: This weapon tracks the number of enemies you defeated with it.
Crucible Tracker: This weapon tracks the number of Crucible opponents you defeated with it.

The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun Carry Requirements:

– 50 lvl and Forsaken Story Campaign completed (can be provided by our Character leveling offer).
– This service is possible only piloted way (our professional driver will play on your character).
– Any Legendary or Rare Shotgun.
– You need to find a quest before purchase since it spawns at random location and we couldn’t find it for you within short time.

The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun Carry Conditions:

– Our team will provide a professional booster with flexible schedule for your comfort.
– Our boosters never use bots or any 3-rd party software.
– Booster will complete all Quest Steps that you chose in Tex Mechanica Tournament Exotic Quest
– All Gear, Weapons, Tokens, and Materials recieved during the boost will be stored at your Characters inventory or Postmaster.
– Only safe services with VPN matching your location.
– We provide The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun service for any platform (such as PS4, PC and XBOX) and any region (EU,US and Asia).

ESTIMATED TIME: The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun Carry can be started within 24 hours after order recieved. Entire service can take up to 1-2 days due to low dropchance.