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Zone Tokens Farm


Looking for zone tokens farm? Need to upgrade reputation and get unique zone rewards? Leprestore.com team ready to help you with zone token farm! Choose planet and amount of tokens you need, and our team will make it as soon as possible! To make at least 1 upgrade need to spend 60 tokens. Zone tokens are available on: Mercury, Nessus, Io, Earth and Titan planets.

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Buy planet tokens farm. Upgrade reputation with zone vendors, choose location and our team will farm you chosen amount of tokens within shortest time. Entire service can take 1-2 days, depends from amount of tokens chosen. Service will be done by farming world events and scouting for treasures. Each upgrade costs 60 tokens and gives you unique armor and weapons. Zone tokens available on : Mercury, Nessus, Io, Earth and Titan planets. All extra loot dropped as well as tokens will be unused during the service. We do this service only piloted way. In this case all job will be done by real people without using any third-party software or bots. Our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after the purchase.

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Mercury, Nessus, Io, Earth, Titan