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Sturm and Drang exotic weapon


Buy Sturm and Drang weapons boost. They are a special pair of weapons we can unlock as part of questline in Destiny 2. As well as looking similar, they share perks that compliment the other; the Sturm reloads your Energy weapon upon a kill, while the Drang will reload the Sturm when you get a kill with that – in theory meaning you can swap between the two and never have to reload at all.In case of piloted service we always use VPN matching your location to prevent your account from any threats. All services are being done by hands without using any third-party software.

    • 50 $


Sturm and Drang a pair of pistols which are kinetic hand cannon and energy sidearm. Sturm got one of the most interesting perks in game allows you to reload energy weapon upon a kill. Of course, the Sturm’s perk means any Energy weapon will reload with a kill, so you could pair it with a preferred secondary firearm of your choice making this hand cannon really good choice for most combat situations. During the service our team will make all quests and requirements to get Sturm and Drang, and complete you a strike with a mission to defeat Servitor.  There is always a chance to get more legendary engrams and exotic engrams during the service. Your character needs to be at least 230 power level to get this service done. Service available only piloted way, this means all extra loot dropped as well as tokens will be unused during the service and all job will be done by real people without using any third-party software or bots. Entire service will take around 3-5 hours. Our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after the purchase.