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Exotic Engram Farm (by hours)


Looking for exotic gear and weapons? Do not waste hours for farming exotic engrams. Buy exotic engrams boost from Leprestore.com. Engrams can be exchanged for random exotic guns and armor with special perks! Get a chance to collect top loot! Choose amount of farm hours you want and our professional team will carry on! This service can be done in only piloted way. We always use VPN matching your location to prevent your account from any threats. All services are being done by hands without using any third-party software.



Greetings, Guardian. Here you can buy Exotic Engram Farm carry!

Exotic Engram Farm Carry Contains:

– Chance to get several Exotic Weapons and/or Armor Pieces (depending on amount of hours you order).
– Random gear and materials from activities where booster will be farming your Exotics.
– Remember, Exotics always drops with higher Power Level, so it’s a great way to increase Power of your character as well.

Exotic Engram Farm Boost Requirements:

– 50 lvl and Forsaken Story Campaign completed (can be provided by our Character leveling offer).
– Dreaming city access. (check options above)

Exotic Engram Farm Boost Conditions:

We cannot guarantee any specific item with this offer.
– Our team will provide a professional booster with flexible schedule for your comfort.
– Our boosters never use bots or any 3-rd party software.
– Boosters will be completing high-end content bounties and other activities with a chance to get exotics.
– Incase piloted service all Gear, Weapons, Tokens, and Materials recieved during the boost will be stored at your Characters inventory or Postmaster.
– Only safe services with VPN matching your location.

ESTIMATED TIME: Exotic Engram Farm Boost can be started within 24 hours after order recieved. Entire service can take up to 7 hours, depends on chosen amount of farm hours.