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The Blind Well Tier II


The Blind Well is a horde mode for the Forsaken expansion which is similar to Escalation Protocol. It offers 4 Tiers of difficulty with different rewards. You can get Dark Fragments, Gear and most importantly a Seed of Light.

Seeds of Light is the only way to unlock a new subclasses and you can get it in the Blind Well and Leprestore.com team will glad to help you with it within shortest time possible.

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Greetings, Guardian. Here you can buy The Blind Well Tier II carry!

The Blind Well Tier II Carry Contains:

– Blind Well Tier II completion.
– Charging the Well Triumph Dreaming City achievement (if done for the first time).
– Blind Well Tier II may drop the following: Dark Fragments, Forsaken Gear, Charge of Light Tier 2, Charge of Light Tier 3, Seed of Light (rare).
– Secret Victories emblem (RNG-based).

The Blind Well Tier II Boost Requirements:

– 50 lvl and Forsaken Story Campaign completed (can be provided by our Character leveling offer)
– Access to the Blind Well and 520+ Power Level (Gearing can be provided by our Weekly Power Gear service)
– Dreaming city access. (check options above)
– Charges of Light-Tier II to start the event as many time as you want or check Charges of Light supply option above.
– Gateway Between Worlds bounty completed.

The Blind Well Tier II Boost Conditions:

– Our team will provide a professional booster with flexible schedule for your comfort.
– Our boosters never use bots or any 3-rd party software.
– Incase piloted service all Gear, Weapons, Tokens, and Materials recieved during the boost will be stored at your Characters inventory or Postmaster.
– Only safe services with VPN matching your location.
– We provide The Blind Well Tier II service for any platform (such as PS4, PC and XBOX) and any region (EU,US and Asia).

ESTIMATED TIME: The Blind Well Tier II Boost can be started within 24 hours after order recieved. Entire service can take up to 3 days.